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The phrase you most often hear from Tea Party activists is, “we are losing our country.” And you know what? They have a point. A Tea Party activist in her early 60s grew up in an America run by and for its middle class. As compared with that country, the America of the 2010s is much more dominated by the ultrarich, and is home to many more very poor. People at the middle have seen their incomes stagnate and then decline. They have seen immigration change the ethnic balance of the country, push the old white majority into minority status in many parts of the country, and fill the nation with a new class of poor. People in the middle have seen government act to save the banks that wrote bad mortgages — and then shrug off the borrowers ruined by those same toxic loans. The Tea Party offered a story about the disaster, and an array of villains to blame, headed by the egghead president with the foreign name.
David Frum, in The Week

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