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The Book That Can’t Wait by Eterna Cadencia

“A literary work printed with ink that completely disappears within two to four months of opening the package, urging purchasers to actually completely read the book shortly after they buy it.

‘we think that this is a magical and poetic way of confronting a real problem,’ explains javier campopiano, regional general creative director of draftFCB.
‘we wanted to make a book that was a message in itself, that encourages us to read those authors, before their stories disappear for real, right before our eyes.’

‘books are very patient objects. we buy them, and then they wait for us to read them. days, months, even years. that’s OK for books, but not for new authors.
if people don’t read their first books, they’ll never make it to a second.’”

Did someone come up with this after pondering how publishers could make ebooks  expire after a certain period of time, and they thought to themselves, “That’s what books are missing! A self-destruct mechanism!” ?

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    The Book That Can’t Wait by Eterna Cadencia “A literary work printed with ink that completely disappears within two to...
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    what if i want to read it again after 4 months? no more letters? waste of money even if it is a good book. :(
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    the pressure, and also that i like to return, re-read..sometimes with years in between; with some more experience on my...
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    This is.. I don’t know, I like being able to go back through books and reference things, or even reread. So that’s not...
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    Brilliant ! That would have worked on me.