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86% of Americans say they do not want “political advertising tailored to your interests.” 85% agreed “If I found out that Facebook was sending me ads for political candidates based on my profile information that I had set to private, I would be angry.”

That’s according to a recent Annenberg survey on political advertising // Will Online Political Targeting Generate a Voter Backlash? (via amzam)

I don’t think these people understand how the Internet works.

(via npr)

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Here's a statement from Facebook on the e-mail address change, which they claim was planned.


“As we announced back in April, we’ve been updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site. In addition to everyone receiving an address, we’re also rolling out a new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines. Ever since the launch of timeline, people have had the ability to control what posts they want to show or hide on their own timelines, and today we’re extending that to other information they post, starting with the Facebook address.”

A Facebook spokesperson, in an email sent to me today regarding several press reports on Facebook’s decision to switch the default email account on a person’s Facebook timeline with a Facebook-provided email address, as outlined by LifeHacker.

Are they trying to see how mad they can make me before I stop using Facebook altogether? Stop controlling what information I show to the world. Let me do that. And “we’ve had this in the works and already told you about it” doesn’t fly. My information is mine. You don’t get to manipulate it.

I had just gotten comfortable again with sharing stuff and being involved in conversations on Facebook…

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Your Brain on Facebook : Bigger Social Networks Expand the Size of Neural Networks


Earlier studies linking social networking with increases in brain regions relating to social ability were flawed, but this new data from macaques may give you some ammunition in telling your parents why you’re on Tumblr so much!

But with the help of a few monkeys in England, teenagers everywhere may now have more ammunition to use against parents. A study published in the November 4 issue of Science studied 23 macaques assigned to live either alone, with a friend or in a groups of from three to seven fellow primates. The upshot: the monkeys in the larger groups had more gray matter in brain areas linked to processing social information

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